If you’re a fan of The Best Man, you’ll be excited to know that there may be a possible sequel in the works! Director Malcolm Lee states,

“The Best Man was the right film at the right time. There were few films prior or since that film that spoke to the generation of African-Americans who I knew, lived, worked, loved, and laughed with. I’ve been gratefully astounded over the years at the audience response to the film. People have often asked “Whatever happened to those characters? Did Jordan ever find a man? Does Murch stay with Candy? Do Lance and Mia live happily ever after?” I have never really taken the time to answer those questions. But they keep getting asked and in light of how it is in heavy rotation on cable TV it very well may be a sign that those questions need to be answered.”

That sounds like a yes, right? With the lack of black films today and the limited of roles for our favorite actors and actresses in The Best Man, it seems like the best timing.