(America’s Behaved Children) is a newly developed nonprofit organization, founded by Shanelle Dennis, a recent graduate of Howard University, that is dedicated to improving and enriching the lives of today’s youth. They strive to teach children how to conduct themselves in order to guarantee a successful, happy, and prosperous future, while drilling in the importance of honor, humility, ambition, and dedication.

Through a host of different programs and campaigns they show kids that anything they desire is attainable by taking the necessary steps to prepare and conquer. They help children reach goals and bring their dreams to life.

With an integration of all facets of the entertainment industry, children are given the experience of a lifetime. Whether it’s meeting their favorite author or singer, or giving them the opportunity to explore their dream job, strives to show children that nothing is impossible as long as you are willing to “Work For It.“

Our children are indeed “The Feet of the Future.” ABC is dedicated to shaping our children in order to guarantee a better future for us all.

To help grow and expand, all contributions can be made out to:, 249 Wood Street, Bristol, PA 19007. It will go a long way into helping them shape the lives of children and teens around the world. For more information, check out their official site and twitter.